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Airdri (commonly abbreviated as APL), is a british manufacturer of hand dryers based in Crawley. Their hand dryers are usually unbranded or under brands of distributers like Newlec and Wandsworth. They are less common now due to the rise in chinese dryers

Series 3000/5000

The series 3000 is a traditional hand and face dryer created by anda in the late 70s or early 80s. The series 5000 is the automatic version, introduced sometime in the mid 90s. The 5000STS is a version of the series 5000 with an alternate stainless steel curved cover (as opposed to the aluminium on the base model), introduced in the late 90s or early 2000s.

These hand dryers have had many design changes over the years, but have a few consistent features (with the exception of 5000STS), here is a small gallery of Series 3000/5000s.

As of 2023, (i belive) only the 5000STS remains in production

Pizza Hut Manchester Hand Dryer Bathrooms By Dan.jpg

00s Series 3000 (Picture courtesy Hand dryers by Dan)


00s? Series 5000

Series 2000

The series 2000 is an automatic economy hand dryer created in the mid 90s. Unlike the 5000/3000, there are only 3 known versions of this dryer. The original version from the 90s, the revised model from the 2000s, and the steel variant (2000ST).

I am not sure whether this hand dryer is still in production or not because it is very unpopular.


80s Series 3000


Older Series 2000

Newer Series 2000

Unamed (nicknamed Anda brander)

These are a range of economy hand dryers introduced sometime in the mid 2000s. These are cheaper than the series 2000s, with the base model starting at £65. These dryers don't have a name, but are commonly referred to as "easy drys" as that's the name that Vent Axia gives these. Speaking of Vent Axia, on Anda's website, these are listed as being made by Vent Axia.

Series 1500

This is the rarest of anda's dryers, only a few have been found, and many of those have been regarded as Kuaiertes, but they have a slightly different design.

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