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Mitsubishi are an extremely large Japanese conglomerate. One of Mitsubishi's many divisions is Mitsubishi Electric, another very large company that makes a wide variety of electrical products, including air conditioning units, lifts, and hand dryers. Mitsubishi Electric were the first company to make high speed hand dryers back in 1993 and their hand dryers are fairly common in M&S stores

Jet Towel Slim/Wave i01/9th generation

The Jet towel slim is the 10th generation high speed hands in dryer made by Mitsubishi since 2012. It was renamed to the Wave i01 recently.

Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 16.27.53.png

AB01 with old icons


MK1 slims have a different LED style to later models

Jet Towel Smart

The Jet towel smart is Mitsubishi's only hands under dryer. It is fairly rare, but can be found in some Five Guys and M&S stores.


The AB01 and AB03 can be told apart by the location of the sensors

Jet Towel (8th generation)

The 9th generation Jet Towel is the first generation of Jet Towel officially sold by Mitsubishi in the U.K


AB01 with new icons

Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 17.16.11.png


Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 17.22.56.png

AB06 (Picture courtesy Hand dryers with splashy)

Jet Towel  (7th generation and prior)

Older jet towels are extremely rare in the U.K as they were never officially sold by Mitsubishi in the U.K. There is a blog post featuring a 7th generation, and it is rumoured that the picture on the right is of jet towels (but they could easily be knockoffs)

Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 16.28.57.png


Jet Towel Mini

This is an extremely rare chamber hand dryer, this dryer was also never officially sold by Mitsubishi in the U.K.YouTuber "UK Hand Dryers" owns one, meaning they were likely sold by importers.


  • AB08

  • AB12

  • HU02-W (white)

  • HU02-N (nickel)


1st and 2nd generations can be told apart by the location of the Dyson logo


The dB was the successor to the MK2. It is quieter compared to previous Airblade models, and the yellow trim was replaced with blue. It has its sensors in the same place as the AB03 has a slightly more curved design. White units are rare, and only 500 black units were ever made. This dryer was discontinued upon the release of the 9kj


  • AB14-W (White)

  • AB14-G (Grey)


1st and 2nd generations can be told apart by the location of the Dyson logo


The Airblade Wash+Dry (formerly the Airblade Tap) is a combination of a tap and Airblade hand dryer. The dryer motor unit is located below the sink, and forces the air up through the tap when activated by a sensor. These are very rare.


  • WD04 (short neck)

  • WD05 (long neck)

  • WD06 (wall mount)


The Dyson airblade 9KJ is a high speed hand dryer introduced in 2020. It resembles a wash+dry but larger and more vertical.  These hand dryers get their name by how much energy they use when in ECO mode. 

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 12.27.45.png


Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 12.29.18.png


Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 14.07.00.png
Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 12.31.42.png


Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 16.20.07.png


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