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Where to find hand dryers?

Hand dryers can be found in a variety of different locations, from cafés to parks. But sometimes you will find paper towels instead.


From mine and many other's experiences, these are places that can be found with hand dryers.

Each place is listed with a number of 1-10 depending on how common hand dryers can be found there.


very rarely--1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10--very common

Public and park toilets

Most public and park toilets have hand dryers (usually wallgate), but I've been to a few that have paper towels or nothing at all.

Petrol Stations

A lot of petrol stations will have hand dryers, but many lack toilets.


Many casual restaurants will have hand dryers, but some of the more posh restaurants will have towels.

Takeaways/Fast food

Chains are guaranteed to have hand dryers, but independent places will almost always have no toilets at all (there are some exceptions, like quality fish restaurant in richmond having HK-2400s)

Cafés/Coffee shops

Unless it's a place like costa, you have no idea whether there is a hand dryer or not unless you go in. Numerous cafés near me have hand dryers but there's a fair few that have paper towels.


Pretty much every pub I've been to has hand dryers. The only real exeption I can think of is the Rocket pub in acton featuring no dryer in the gents, but it features an A48 in the unisex.

Leisure Centres

Every leisure centre I've been to has had a hand dryer.



My local has Paper towels (for obvious reasons), but there are some with hand dryers (typically hand burners, again for obvious reasons)

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres will almost always have hand dryers due to the high traffic, but I've been to a place with paper towels.


Unless the dryer is broken.

Other Shops

It really depends on the chain. Some chains (like M&S) almost always have toilets with dryers. Other places (Like boots) will rarely have toilets, and when they do, no dryers. And places like TK Maxx or primark will rarely have toilets, but when they do, they have dryers.

I've even been to a Clarks and a Gap with toilets and dryers.



Amazingly, I've been to one with paper towels in all toilets. The rest all had dryers.



it depends on whether the hotel is attached to a pub, if it is, then you are guaranteed a hand dryer. If not, the chances are slim, but some chains will have dryers.



All the schools I've attended have hand dryers, but I am aware of some with paper towels

Theme Parks, Museums and Aquariums


I have been to one smaller museum which had paper towels, but most of these places have hand dryers



All the ones I've been to have hand dryers and all the ones I've seen on YouTube have them too

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