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World Dryer/PHS

World Dryer is an American manufacturer of hand dryers based in Bensenville, Illinois.

PHS is a British manufacturer of Washroom Products based in Caerphilly, Wales

World's products are sold in the U.K under PHS


The Airforce is a high-speed hand dryer produced by World Dryer since 2009 and is the most common hand dryer in the U.K. Its design is unique in that it has eleven air outlets.


  • Brushed Chrome: J48-971

  • Polished Chrome: J48-970

  • White: J48-974

  • Black: J48-162


The model A is a traditional hand dryer and has been in production since the '50s. These used to be the most common hand dryer in the U.K prior to the airforce, but that doesn't mean the model A is rare. What is rare however is the RA, this dryer was discontinued during ~the 2000s and is extremely rare.


  • Stainless Steel: DA48-972

  • White Steel: DA48-974

  • White Cast Iron: A48-974


For fixed nozzle add 5 before 48 (ex. A548-974)

For automatic models add X before the A (ex. DXA548-974)

For RAs add R before the X (ex. DXRA548-974)


The SMARTdri is a high-speed, DDA compliant high-speed hand dryer made by World Dryer since 2010. It features a three-speed adjustable motor. The standard SMARTdri has seven air outlets; the SMARTdri Plus has a single air outlet and is very rare.


  • Stainless Steel: K48-972

  • White: K48-974



For SMARTdri plus add P to the end of the model number (ex. K48-974P)

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 16.00.49.png








VERDEdri/Airforce slim

The VERDEdri is a high-speed DDA compliant hand dryer made by World starting in 2016. It has a two-speed brushless motor, dual voltage capability, and a HEPA filter. These are very rare, and are weirdly sold by both PHS and Initial.

In april 2023 PHS renamed this hand dryer to the "Airforce slim", presumably to boost sales of the dryer, however none have been found yet.


  • Satin: Q48-971

  • Stainless Steel: Q48-972

  • White Aluminium: Q48-974


For second generation verdedris add "A2" to the end of the model number (ex. Q48-974A2)


Q48-974 (Picture from the Initial website)


The Airspeed is an economy model produced by World Dryer since 1986. The NoTouch is the automatic variant of the Airspeed. These are extremely rare


  • Variants currently unknown


The AirMax is a high-speed variant of the Model A, introduced in 2005. Its nozzle does not swivel. One was found by Morgan's lift adventures

  • Stainless Steel: DM548-972

  • White Steel: DM548-974

  • White Cast Iron: M548-974


For automatic models add X before the M (ex. DXM548-974)


These are DDA compliant hand dryers sold by world dryer since 2012, these are potentially the rarest World Dryer model in the U.K

PHS/Warner Howard


Now onto PHS's hand dryers, the third and current generation of airstreams was released in 2017, these include the Airstream Vitesse, Whisper, Key, and Pure, these are fairly common.


  • Nickel

  • White

  • Black


Model Numbers for these dryers are currently unknown apart from that the Vitesse is SR800F, Whisper is SR800Q and pure is possibly SR800P


The SM48 is an economy Hand dryer. These are fairly common


These hand dryers are rebrands however the manufacturer is currently unknown


The MR48 is a traditional hand dryer. It is a rebranded Xinda Ultradry

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 12.48.49.png

Airstream Pure

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 13.02.41.png


Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 13.08.55.png

MR48 (Picture courtesy Hand dryers with splashy)


The EL is an economy high speed dryer introduced a little before the current generation of airstreams. The El100 has a heating element


  • EL600 (nickel)

  • EL600 (white)

  • EL600 (black)

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 16.47.36.png



Colour codes for these dryers are currently unknown. For heating element replace 600 with 1100

Ultradry LE

The PHS ultradry was a line of traditional hand dryers. The ultradry le (introduced in 2008) is the most common, however it is slowly getting rarer thanks to the PHS airstream


  • Chrome

  • White aluminium

  • White ABS

World Dryer airstream

The World airstream resembles an Ultradry Le but is high speed. This version of the airstream was made by World dryer exclusively for PHS. Nickel versions have the same colour code as white for some reason

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 16.58.38.png

Warner howard branded UD5500E

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 18.11.04.png


Ultradry II

The PHS ultradry II is almost identical to the LE but is slightly louder. This was discontinued in 2008 so pretty much no information remains


The first PHS ultradry is extremely rare and almost no information about it exists, however a very few were discovered and filmed

Turbo Dry

The Predecessor to the Ultradry Line, unlike the ultra dry line, these have hand and face flaps. These are also extremely rare as only a few were filmed.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 18.28.22.png

Picture courtesy Hand dryers with splashy

Eco Dry

The complete opposite of Bluedry's eco dry. These were economy hand dryers that PHS made before the LE48 and SM48. These are extremely rare and only a few have been found in a hospital

Easy Dry/1st gen airstreams

The easy dry predates the turbo dry and pretty much nothing is known about it other than it's a rebranded HD1. 
The HD hand dryers would return in the 2000s under the Airstream name, When the second generation airstream came out, these were sold by simply the model number and the dryers themselves only displayed the 
Warner Howard logo. By 2015 these were discontinued

Bizarre unknown model

This thing was recently discovered by a couple of Enthusiasts in 2022, nothing is currently known about it other than there is a touch button and automatic version of it

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 10.46.05.png

Picture courtesy Hand dryers with Bobby

Dryers by companies World dryer owns

Electric aire LE48

The LE48 is an economy dryer. This model was made from 2005 - 2009 and is the most common Electric-Aire dryer found even though it's discontinued.

Unlike most world dryers, this one is made in Taiwan

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 19.20.17.png

Nova 5

The Nova 5 is a traditional-style dryer, offered either as a push-button or automatic model. The Nova 5's cover is made of cast zinc.

The most common brand to see on these is Cannon.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 19.16.31.png

Picture courtesy Hand dryers with splashy

American Dryer ExtremeAir

The American Dryer ExtremeAir is a high speed hand dryer, it has a motor with adjustable speed. Only a few were found in the London Wetlands Centre.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 19.25.13.png

Nova 1

The Nova 1 is a small DDA-compliant, automatic hand dryer. Only one has ever been found in the U.K.

Nova 2

The Nova 2 is a dryer similar to the Nova 1. It is wider than the Nova 1, and has a unique design, with two air outlets pointed towards the center. It was offered with an LCD screen before the World acquisition.

No nova 2s have ever been filmed in the U.K however I do remember seeing one many years ago. The place that had the nova 2 sadly removed its toilets. This is especially sad because this Nova 2 had an LCD screen, pretty much no videos of the Nova 2 with LCDs exist anywhere on the internet.

Nova 6 (airwave)

The Nova 6 is a dryer similar to the Supreme BA101. It uses the same motor as the nova 5, only one has been filmed on YouTube. Alex recently found some but he didn't film them. I managed to get a hold of one, I am yet to hook it up.

Nova 4 (airforce)

A DDA compliant version of the Nova 5, one was recently found on an accessable page

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