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Excel Dryer

Excel Dryer is an American manufacturer of hand dryers based in Longmeadow, Massachussets.


The xlerator is the fastest high speed hand dryer on the market, and the first high speed to be successful in western markets. It was introduced in 2001 and is the most counterfeited hand dryer, tied to the model A.

A hepa filter ISN'T a recent addition to this hand dryer

The Xlerator contains dials that control the heat, power, and sensor range, so that you can have a quiet, warm air xlerator or a loud, high speed one.
The Xlerator eco is the same as the xlerator but without a heating element.

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 11.18.44.png



  • Satin: XL-SB

  • Chrome Plated Zinc: XL-C

  • Graphite: XL-GR

  • White: XL-BW


For Xlerator Eco, Add Add -ECO to the end of model name for Xlerator eco (ex. XL-GR-ECO.) 


The thinair is a DDA compliant hand dryer. Only a couple have been found.

Hands on/off

There really aren't any Excel hand dryers in the U.K. Xlerator must be a big exception


Wash+Dry xlerator version? 


Evan's lift alliance hand dryer? I remember evil owl being a big fan of Lexans

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