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FastDry is made by a Taiwanese manufacturer of hand dryers called Hokwang. They sell a lot of the same dryers rebranded as Airfury and are rebranded in different regions of the world.


The model JA is the most common hokwang dryer in the U.K. It is a high speed hand dryer. These are commonly found as the Lovair airfury, and can be rebranded as the Vent axia tempest, Newlec NL900X and Dolphin Velocity.

Introduced in 2006, it is one of the earliest high speed hand dryers.

These have an optional HEPA filter

Newer lovair airfuries have a custom casing.

Bassets Pole Disabled OtisEuropa2001.png

HK-JA04S/Older lovair airfury (picture courtesey Hand dryers in west midlands)


  • White: HK-JA01

  • Polished Chrome: HK-JA04S

  • Brushed Chrome: HK-JA05S

  • Black: JA01B

  • "mini ATC cub": HK-JA

  • Polished Chrome curved cover: HK-JA04

  • Brushed Chrome curved cover: HK-JA05

  • sTainLess SteEl EnThuSiast: HK-JA(SR)


TSL air fury and dolphin velocity units are likely to come in custom covers


The 2400 is a traditional hand dryer that can be easily identified by its sensor, blue light, and brand indentation, it is very common in rIcHmOnD for whatever reason.


  • White: HK-2400P

  • Polished chrome : HK-2400C

  • Brushed chrome: HK-2400S

  • Brushed chrome curved cover: HK-2400SAN


Automatic models: add 'A' after colour code in model number
Pushbutton models add 'P' after colour code in model number

Brushed chrome models do not come in pushbutton


These hand dryers seem to vary, as there's some which are hand burners and some which are traditional dryers.

 Variants (Optima)

  • Aluminium Square: HK-2200E

  • Aluminium Curved: HK-2200L

  • Stainless Steel Square: HK-2200S

  • Stainless Steel Curved: HK-2200SR


Automatic models: add 'A' after colour code in model number
Pushbutton models add 'P' after colour code in model number

HK2400 at costa.png


HK-2200 branded as N&C.png




The ecofast is a high speed hand dryer that is normally found under dolphin branding, but some have been found under Lovair.


  • White: EcoFast01

  • Matte Black: EcoFast01B

  • Polished Steel: EcoFast04

  • Brushed Steel: EcoFast05

  • Brushed Steel curved: EcoFast09

  • White Curved: Unknown


  Brushless motor variant: replace '14' with '24' (ex. M24ACS)


These are extremely small high speeds, they are usually found under dolphin branding (keep in mind that dolphin added an arrow)


  • Satin: M03ACS

  • Stainless Steel: M03AC

  • White: M03A

  • Black: M03AB


For logic dry, replace “3” with “2” (ex. M02AB)


NANI EPIQUE YOUTUBE CHANNELS. These are high speed hand dryers that are known for being in Westfield


  • White Pushbutton: M96

  • White Automatic: M96A

(P) Velocity Eco, Great Yarmouth, 08.10.22.JPG

EcoFast (unknown model number)
(Picture Courtesey UK hand dryers)


M03AB (Picture from the mediclinics website)

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 11.24_edited.png

M96 (Picture courtesy Hand dryers with splashy)


These are small high speed dryers, none have been found


 This is a DDA compliant hand dryer

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 11.02.22.png

Bizarre cover (Picture courtesy UK hand dryers)

A mediclinics smart flow in its usual cover (Picture from the mediclinics website)


These are extremely rare chamber dryers comparable to a JVD Exp'air




  • Vent Axia

  • Newlec

  • Manrose

  • Lovair/TSL

  • Hyco

  • Dolphin

  • Deta

  • Anda

  • Airvent

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