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Tour of the lifts

Tour of the lifts is a webseries made by me. It started airing on the 28th of Feburary 2019 and is currently on its 4th season.  It is well known for touring places that haven't been filmed in a long time.

Season 1

The first season of my lift tours, all of the episodes were filmed within Greater London. This season is the only season to be called "Elevatours". This season is very basic, as it was edited with iMovie, a very basic video editor. All of the music (except the nokia sound used in the intro and "I'm a posh yo yo" in the last episode) were stock sound effects/music from apple. The picture used in the background of the episodes is also a stock image. This season is infamous due to the really poor quality, unscripted dialogue and lackluster video editing.
Due to the poor quality of this season, the episodes aren't available for download and only a few are still visible on my channel

Season 2

The second season of my lift tours, one big difference between this season and season 1 is the location, Season 2 now features episodes that take place outside of London. Another big difference is the editing, the basic editing was completely revamped to editing that is very comparable to Beno's videos (albeit with Openshot instead of Vegas).
The dialogue was also revamped (S2 E3 onwards), replacing the unscripted mess with very beno like dialogue and voice acting. It also has a proper intro for once, showing clips from a handful of episodes followed by a CGI logo. A credits sequence is also introduced. The camera was also changed to a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62 to achieve a beno like look. Season 2 ran from 23 November 2020 to 25 December 2021.

A majority of the episodes are available to download here: [link]

Lift tours logo.png

The Season 2 Lift tours logo

Season 3

The third season of my lift tours focuses on making lift tours as close to Ben's as possible, replacing the centre maps of season 2 with purple maps similar to ben's, the intro was also changed to one where the "person on the map" exits a lift and goes to the shopping centre. There is also a new lift indication system used to identify a traction (Light blue), hydraulic (turquoise), out of order (red), modernised (light blue with turquoise outline) or a compilation of a certain shop's lifts (same as modernised but larger with a red C).

Halfway though the series a segment called "Lifterville" which features Evil owl and a brand new sidekick called "Peculiar penguin",  Lifterville takes place after ben's evil owl short films and has a ton hidden secrets.
The episodes are available to download here

Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 17.52.26.png

The Season 2 Lift tours logo

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