Tour of the lifts

Tour of the lifts is a webseries made by me. It started airing on the 28th of Feburary 2019 and is currently on its second season.  It is well known for touring places that haven't been filmed in a long time. Some notable episodes include "Brent Cross (S2 E1)" "Natural History Museum (S1 E3)" "Whitgift and centrale (S1 E4)" "Stratford (S1 E6)" and "Uxbridge (S2 E4). This series currently has over 20 episodes so I'm making this article to celebrate that.

Season 1

The first season of my lift tours, many of the episodes are currently lost media but I'm trying to find them. This season is the only season to be called "Elevatours". This season is very basic, as it was edited with iMovie (osx version), a very basic video editor. All of the music (exept the nokia sound used in the intro and "I'm a posh yo yo" in the last episode) were stock sound effects/music from apple. The picture used in the background of the episodes is also a stock image. This season is infamouse due to the really poor quality, unscripted dialogue and lackluster video editing, though this does improve in episode 6. This season ran from 28 Feburary 2019 to 17 Janurary 2020 and all episodes aired in 1280*720, downscaled in the NCHLT rerelease.

Season 2

The current season of my lift tours, one big difference between this season and season 1 is the editing, the basic editing was completely revamped to editing that is very compareable to Beno's videos, to allow this, I replaced iMovie with Openshot. The dialogue was also revamped (S2 E3 onwards), replacing the unscripted mess with very beno like dialogue and voice acting. It also has a proper intro for once (Replacing the generic Nikia title card) showing clips from a handful of episodes followed by a CGI logo. A credits sequence is also introduced.  The soundtrack is massively upgraded, now using JTV music and Kevin MacLeod music instead of iMovie music (Though iMovie music is used in the credit sequences in some episodes). Sadly, not everything is improved, as the video quality took a bit of a downgrade, to save export and upload time, I reduced the quality to 576p (Compressed again to 480p), to make things worse, the camera that I used since S1 E1 Broke sometime after "Swan Walk" was filmed. As a temporary solution, I bought a cheap camera in a second hand shop, while the camera is mostly ok, there are a few problems, 1, Grainy footage,2, MJPEG, 3, Low quality PCM audio (But it is PCM so high bitrate) 4, Has a massive problem with lights, when you point the camera towards light, weird colours start appearing on screen. I hope I can get a higher quality camera soon. This season started airing on 23 November 2020 and all episodes currently air in 640*480