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Mediclinics is a Spanish manufacturer of hand dryers. Most of their dryers are extremely rare or non existent in the U.K.


 The Mediclinics Machflow is a high speed dryer and is the most common hand dryer made by Mediclinics as it was sold as by Initial. It is currently no longer sold by initial however it’s still fairly common.


  • Satin: M09ACS

  • Stainless steel: M09AC

  • White: M09A 

  • Black: M09AB


  Brushless motor models: replace '09' with '19' in number (ex. M19A)

  Add '-I' for ioniser and '-FIL' for HEPA filter (ex. M09A-FIL)


 The Mediclinics Saniflow is a traditional hand dryer and the second most common mediclinics hand dryer in the U.K however it is still quite rare. Due to it being a model a clone, many people confuse these for other model A clones (such as the 2400 series or SaniDry).


  • Satin: E88CS

  • Stainless steel: E88C

  • White Steel: E88

  • White cast iron: E85

  • Black: E88B

  • Gold plated: E88O


Automatic models: add 'A' before colour code in model number (ex. E88AB)

Optima/Junior Plus

 The Optima is a DDA-compliant economy hand dryer. Only a few have been spotted in the U.K, most of those being in Starbucks.

 The Juniorplus is the same as the Optima, however it is made out of ABS instead of steel and none have been found in the U.K

 Variants (Optima)

  • Satin: M99ACS

  • Stainless steel: M99AC 

  • White: M99A


Variants (Juniorplus):

  • White Pushbutton: M88PLUS 

  • White Automatic: M88APLUS




E88ACS (Picture taken in Spain)



Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 15.24.03.png

M88PLUS (Picture taken in Spain)

Dualflow Plus

 The Dualflow Plus is a hands-in, high speed hand dryer. These are extremely rare.


The original Dualflow Plus was made by Veltia for Mediclinics.


  • White: M14A

  • Black: M14AB

  • Grey: M14ACS


  Brushless motor variant: replace '14' with '24' (ex. M24ACS)


 The Mediflow is a traditional hand dryer sold by Mediclinics. Only a handful have been discovered in the U.K.


The Mediflow Logic Dry is a version of the Mediflow with automatically adjusting air temperature.


  • Satin: M03ACS

  • Stainless Steel: M03AC

  • White: M03A

  • Black: M03AB


For logic dry, replace “3” with “2” (ex. M02AB)


The Prima is an economy dryer made of melamine. As of 2022, only a handful were found on the entirety of the internet. 

The american version of the HDG suggests that this hand dryer only comes in Automatic, this is not true.


  • White Pushbutton: M96

  • White Automatic: M96A


M14A (Picture from the mediclinics website)


M03AB (Picture from the mediclinics website)

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 11.24_edited.png

M96 (Picture courtesy Hand dryers with splashy)


The Junior/Senior hand dryers were the predecessors to the Juniorplus/Optima dryers. Almost nothing is known about these dryers because they’ve been wiped from the mediclinics website, however one Junior was spotted in the U.K.   
The voyagers likely have Seniors but this hasn't been confirmed yet


 The Smartflow is a fake high speed hand dryer. (Think airdri quarto)

A hand dryer resembling a soap dispenser was recently discovered in the U.K. This was confirmed to be a smart flow in a custom cover. 


  • Satin: M04ACS

  • Stainless steel: M04AC

  • White M04A


The Speedflow is a DDA compliant high speed hand dryer. A white cast iron cover is straight at the top while steel covers are curved at the top. I like to call these "Metal Airstreams" due to the 2 dryers sharing a lot in common.


  • Satin: M06ACS

  • Stainless steel: M06AC

  • White steel: M06A

  • White cast iron: M06AF

  • Black: M06AB

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 11.02.22.png

Bizarre cover (Picture courtesy UK hand dryers)


A mediclinics smart flow in its usual cover (Picture from the mediclinics website)



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